Enterprise and Cyber Security

It is imperative for organizations to guard against all kinds of information-security breaches as security has become an intrinsic factor to business growth, competitive advantage, protect the brand value and retain customers. Many organizations report financial loss due to security breaches, resulting in business loss, making security a top CIO concern. Also, government laws and regulations require that an organization follow stringent and well-documented security norms. While investing on security, a top priority is cost rationalization between “preventive” and “reactive” measures, with a need to obtain optimal ROI. Further, IT systems availability and recoverability in case of any disaster is also now a crucial part of the IT security portfolio.

Security Solution Offering

Deltamine offers end-to-end security solutions that streamline security technologies and management processes to mitigate the security risks associated with organizations. Our offerings meet the organization’s comprehensive security needs. We define, evaluate, implement and manage robust security solutions. Deltamine’s range of solutions spans the enterprise security space, primarily aiming at establishing a continuous, iterative process of strategizing, planning, deploying and maintaining security solutions. Deltamine provides consulting, design and development, and security management services across the value chain of an end-to-end enterprise security lifecycle. The prime goal is to enhance the ROSI (Return on Security Investment) of our customer by enhancing IT security, reducing administration, operational costs and improving productivity.

Business information is now considered a major organizational asset so securing this data takes on greater importance as trends like mobility and cloud computing introduce new threats to the enterprise. Increasing regulations and compliance requirements are also driving the need for innovative strategies to build and secure IT infrastructures.

Deltamine’s IT security advisors develop secure solutions covering the entire IT footprint of your organization. After first assessing the risk and criticality level of your IT assets (infrastructure, data, applications, processes), we provide comprehensive security solutions aligned around technology, processes, and people. This combined focus on security technologies, proven security processes, and security expertise helps create sustainable, secure IT environments.

Deltamine can also address specific security concerns related to all aspects of the IT environment—covering physical, network, computing, storage, and application layers. We also provide expertise in specialized security skills in new systems and technology areas. Examples include the following:

  • Cloud Security - Security is top of mind for enterprises looking to leverage private, public, or hybrid cloud models and services such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Deltamine can assess the security implications of cloud adoption in your environment and provide solutions focused on gaining efficiencies without lowering the security stance. Our IT security advisors will help you understand each security service for IaaS, PaaS or SaaS. We will help you choose the most suitable security solution for your business.

  • Mobile Security Solutions - Deltamine provides security solutions that complement enterprise mobility and borderless networks. We help build mobile solutions that deliver anywhere, anytime access, from any platform while safeguarding the enterprise IT environment.

  • Network Security - Includes security assessment and planning of WiFi and WiMAX networks as part of our Networks practice.

  • Data Security - Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) and electronic data security solutions protect data and help identify faulty business processes. Deltamine's DLP methodology is based upon industry experience and industry-leading practices. We work with you to manage the program, conduct assessments, evaluate technologies, and enforce controls to prevent data leakage. The DLP Method is designed to allow specialists to address information assets of all kinds—from a single computer to an entire network. This allows our team to handle the range and complexity of issues of both private organizations and government agencies.

Application Security

Deltamine works with you to ensure all IT applications are secured—both from the standpoint of access (right hierarchy of authorization, authentication etc.) and data transactions, especially banking and other financial applications.

Security Solutions Advantages

  • End-to-end, security solutions
  • Staff with years of extensive security experience and industry-recognized thought leadership
  • Expertise in new security areas such as cloud and mobility.
  • Comprehensive approach focused on process, technology, and people

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